8 Great Tools for Building Your Blog

8 Great Tools for Building Your Blog.

Here are some great tools for a new Business Development project. Building a blog well then theses web tools and social media applications are just what you need. Online business is easy but not really and there are so many different resorces to choose from. These have been reviwed and sumed up for you to take away and get started. You do not want to make the mistake of reviewing each yourself you will never get stareted on your blog.

Blog Machine



The best way is to JUST DO IT! Build your business on the side but definitely get your blog going. You can always move your posts over later. They will not go to waste especially if you help just 1 other person in the world you will get practice and feel good about yourself while branding your name or product and gaining some followers it is never a bad thing to do. just get started you can do it. This is basically the continuation of my practice blog. Soon i will launch services and a business. That;s how it goes it takes time and effort nothing is overnight.



How To Speed Up Your Blackberry Smart Phone Fast

Blackberry Restart & Clear Event Log for Blackberry Torch 9810 & Blackberry Bold 9700

Blackberry Restart & Clear Event Log for Blackberry Torch 9810 & Blackberry Bold 9700

How To Make Your Blackberry FastThese are steps on How To make your Blackberry smart phone fast…Steps to Clear Blackberry Events Log:

A YouTube video link showing how to can be found here:


• Hold your “alt” key – type LGLG –

This will open the Blackberry Event Log.

• Select the Blackberry Menu Key

• Select “Clear Log” from the menu

The events log has been recorded ever since you owned your phone it takes up memory and effects performance.

The event list can be deleted & does not effect your Blackberry smart phone except for making it faster & perform better.

Once you have completed the steps and you have seen the log disapear then do a Blackberry Restart.

1) Your Blackberry smart phone will be faster

2) Battery life will be extended as well.

3) Blackberry Performance will increase


Don’t forget to use Blackberry Memory Cleaner & to Restart your Blackberry phone at least once a week.


The best way to Restart your Blackberry:

• Take out your battery wait 10 seconds

• Re-insert the battery then Blackberry Restart will star-up.

– Blackberry Restart will display a black screen with the Blackberry logo text across the screen.

– A status bar will appear on the bottom of the black screen as well.

This status bar is Blackberry Restart letting you know where the Blackberry phone is at in the restart process as well as allowing you to tell how long it may take for the Blackberry Restart to be fully complete.

Blackberry Restart or Restarting your Blackberry smart phone will take anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes.

Blackberry Restart will reset all smart phone apps as well as clear or shut down any background programs or applications running, that may have also been contributing to you phones slow speed or poor performance.

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