I could not have said it better myself. – fix – update- change –

Don’t forget about the keeping up on new things.. and now… Pinterest to “do”… Joy!

An Apple a Day

picture via Yvonne Singer

I would like to post a short little reflection on what this project has done for me. Although not necessary I do feel like I should talk about the experience. During the course of this project I went through ups and downs. I analyzed and over analyzed what I should include and if the stuff that I included about myself was really my true self. I was selective of the profiles I chose to share with this project but when push came to shove I knew it was imperative if I were to reveal the true me through this process I would have to include the angrywaitress. I was reluctant to reveal who this alternate self is because of obvious reasons but since I rarely use this profile anymore it’s safe to assume it should be no big deal. The job that I tweeted from this…

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